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Clinical Research

Our clinical research facilities are in Khayelitsha township, 30km from Cape Town city centre and which suffers high levels of unemployment and chronic ill-health, and where we work in partnership with local government and NGOs. Over 190 publications have arisen from work here (including in Nature, NEJM, Lancet, PNAS). The Clinical Research Platform facilitates the work of CIDRI-Africa principal investigators and co-investigators at the site, supporting observational cohort studies, evaluation of novel diagnostics and clinical trials. The studies ongoing are focussed on HIV, TB, other HIV-related opportunistic infections and the intersection of HIV with cardiovascular disease. We have established strong working relationships with UCT’s Clinical Research Centre (CRC; based in the academic Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH)). Through CIDRI-Africa funding we aim to develop more sophisticated early sample processing capacity in Khayelitsha to enable stabilisation and initial processing (including freezing) of time-sensitive or delicate samples, such as those from intensive PK studies. There are six clinical research support staff (a new academic recruit, clinical sites manager, radiographer, regulatory affairs manager, data capturer and pharmacist) employed to facilitate the work of the Clinical Research Platform and investigator-led clinical research. The new academic recruit (Dr Sean Wasserman) is pursuing his own research programme focused on new and repurposed TB drugs within the framework and with the support of the Clinical Research Platform.