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Publications by CIDRI-Africa Platform Leads

Professor Valerie Mizrahi

Singh, V., Donini, S., Pacitto, A., Sala, C., Hartkoorn, R.C., Dhar, N., Keri, G., Ascher, D.B., Mondésert, G., Vocat, A., Lupien, A., Sommer, R., Vermet, H., Lagrange, S., Buechler, J., Warner, D.F., McKinney, J.D., Pato, J., Cole, S.T., Blundell, T.L., Rizzi, M., and Mizrahi, V.The inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase, GuaB2, is a vulnerable new bactericidal drug target for tuberculosis. ACS Infectious Diseases (2017) 3:5-17. DOI: 10.1021/acsinfecdis.6b00102. PMCID: PMC5241705.

Kana, B. D., Gordhan, B.G., Downing, K.J., Sung. N., Vostroktunova, G., Machowski, E.E., Tsenova, G., Young, M., Kaprelyants, A., Kaplan, G., and Mizrahi, V. The resuscitation-promoting factors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis are required for virulence and resuscitation from dormancy but are collectively dispensable for growth in vitro. Molecular Microbiology (2008) 67:672-684

Boshoff, H.I.M., Reed, M.B., Barry, C.E., III*, and Mizrahi, V*. DnaE2 polymerase contributes to in vivo survival and the emergence of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Cell (2003)113:183-193.

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Professor Graeme Meintjes

Boulware DR, Meya DB, Muzoora C, Rolfes MA, Huppler Hullsiek K, Musubire A, Taseera K, Nabeta HW, Schutz C, Williams DA, Rajasingham R, Rhein J, Thienemann F, Lo MW, Nielsen K, Bergemann TL, Kambugu A, Manabe YC, Janoff EN, Bohjanen PR, Meintjes G, for the COAT Trial Team. Timing of antiretroviral therapy after diagnosis of cryptococcal meningitis. New England Journal of Medicine. (2014) 370(26):2487–98.

Kaplan SR, Oosthuizen C, Stinson K, Little F, Euvrard J, Schomaker M, Osler M, Hilderbrand K, Boulle A, Meintjes G. Contemporary disengagement from antiretroviral therapy in Khayelitsha, South Africa: a cohort study. PLOS Medicine. (2017) 14(11):e1002407.

Janssen S, Schutz C, Ward A, Nemes E, Wilkinson KA, Scriven J, Huson MA, Aben N, Maartens G, Burton R, Wilkinson RJ, Grobusch MP, Van der Poll T, Meintjes G. Mortality in severe Human Immunodeficiency Virus-tuberculosis associates with innate immune activation and dysfunction of monocytes. Clinical Infectious Diseases. (2017) 65(1):73–82.

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Professor Nicola Mulder

Issarow CM, Mulder N, Wood R. Environmental and social factors impacting on epidemic and endemic tuberculosis: a modelling analysis. Royal Society Open Science. (2018) 5(1):170726.

Choudhury A, Ramsay M, Hazelhurst S, Aron S, Bardien S, Botha G, Chimusa ER, Christoffels A, Gamieldien J, Sefid-Dashti MJ, Joubert F, Meintjes A, Mulder N, Ramesar R, Rees J, Scholtz K, Sengupta D, Soodyall H, Venter P, Warnich L, Pepper MS. Whole-genome sequencing for an enhanced understanding of genetic variation among South Africans. Nature Communications. (2017) 8(1):2062.

Mulder N, Adebamowo CA, Adebamowo SN, Adebayo O, Adeleye O, Alibi M, Baichoo S, Benkahla A, Fadlelmola FM, Ghazal H, Ghedira K, Matimba A, Moussa A, Mungloo-Dilmohamud Z, Owolabi MO, Radouani F, Rotimi CN, Stein DJ, Souiai O. Genomic research data generation, analysis and sharing – challenges in the African setting. Data Science Journal. (2017) 16:49.

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Professor Andrew Boulle

Osler M, Hilderbrand K, Goemaere E, Ford N, Smith M, Meintjes G, Kruger J, Govender NP, Boulle A. The continuing burden of advanced HIV disease over 10 years of increasing antiretroviral therapy coverage in South Africa. Clinical Infectious Diseases. (2018) 66(suppl_2):S118-S25.

Boulle A, Schomaker M, May MT, Hogg RS, Shepherd BE, Monge S, et al. Mortality in patients with HIV-1 infection starting antiretroviral therapy in South Africa, Europe, or North America: a collaborative analysis of prospective studies. PLoS Medicine. (2014) 11(9):e1001718.

Boulle A, Van Cutsem G, Cohen K, Hilderbrand K, Mathee S, Abrahams M, et al. Outcomes of nevirapine- and efavirenz-based antiretroviral therapy when coadministered with rifampicin-based antitubercular therapy. JAMA. (2008) 300(5):530-9.

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