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Awards for Shared Equipment/Research Facilities


In September 2013, CIDRI called for applications for funding for medium to large sized equipment and facilities that would support collaborative and interdisciplinary research into Infectious Diseases. It was anticipated awards would be in the region of ZAR 500,000 to ZAR 1 million.

Eight proposals for equipment were received. These were ranked by the Steering Committee according to the guidelines advertised. The final selection resulted in the award of four equipment systems that will benefit multiple users in the field of Infectious Diseases research.

The total awarded was R3.42 million.

The awards went to:

Associate Professor Katalin Wilkinson
CIDRI in the IDM
Equipment: BIORAD Multiplex Assay System

Professor Jonathan Blackburn and Dr Nelson da Cruz Soares
Medical Biochemistry in IDM
Equipment: Thermo Scientific Nano System

Professor Carolyn Williamson and Dr Colin Anthony
HIV Diversity, Medical Virology, IDM
Equipment: BIORAD QX200 droplet digital PCR system

Dr Bert Mohr
Research Animal Facility, Faculty of Health Sciences
Equipment: Cabinet Washer