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DIONEX UltiMate NCS3500RSnano ultra high performance liquid chromatography system
The ability to detect and quantify thousands of proteins, lipids and metabolites with high precision and in an unbiased manner across multiple samples is increasingly becoming a vital component of modern biological and biomedical research, enabling for example the identification of novel disease-associated biomarkers and the determination of underlying disease mechanisms, as well as the quantification of molecular responses to drug exposure. The Dionex UltiMate NCS3500RSnano ultra high performance liquid chromatography (nUPLC) system offers high confidence in performance and results, coupled with ease of operation. In addition, the Dionex nUPLC system has a high pressure limit (800 bar), which enables use of smaller chromatography particles and longer nano-columns (up to 50 cm) for greater resolving power, reproducibility and sensitivity.  With this new nUPLC at the front end of our Q Exactive hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer instrumentation, we therefore now have a high stability, high resolution, accurate mass nLC-MS/MS system that delivers highly reproducible, quantitative proteomic data together with high numbers of unique protein identifications in complex biological samples, as required for applied & chemical proteomic studies on human health and disease.

Report by Professor Jonathan Blackburn
Medical Biochemistry