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Launch of Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Initiative (CIDRI)
1st December 2008

Monday 1st December 2008 was chosen to launch the Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Initiative as this coincided with World Aids Day.

Two visitors from the Wellcome Trust in the United Kingdom, Dr Pat Goodwin and Dr Michael Chew as well as Professor Siamon Gordon who is a member of the Initiative's International Scientific Advisory Board, accompanied Professor Robert Wilkinson and Kathy Wood on a site visit to the UBUNTU Clinic in Khayelitsha site B. The extension to the clinic which was sponsored by the Initiative was officially opened on this day. After discussions with and presentations by the clinic staff, we visited GF Jooste Hospital where Dr Graeme Meintjes met the visiting group and showed us around this tertiary care hospital in Manenberg. Members of Research Unit at the hospital also presented posters of the clinical research being carried out at GF Jooste.

In the afternoon a mini symposium was held at the IDM at UCT Faculty of Health Sciences. This symposium was opened by the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Marian Jacobs and presentations by the locally-based Wellcome Trust fellows followed.

The day concluded with a cocktail party.

ubuntu Dr Michael Chew and  Dr Pat Goodwin
UBUNTU staff and visitors. Dr Michael Chew and Dr Pat Goodwin.
Professor Siamon Gordon  Professor Robert Wilkinson Dr Graeme Meintjes with visitors at GF Jooste Hospital
Professor Siamon Gordon
on the right,
Professor Robert Wilkinson on the left.
Dr Graeme Meintjes with visitors at GF Jooste Hospital.
Mini symposium
Mini symposium at IDM.