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Following on from the success of the first Intensive Clinical Research Methods Workshop held in May 2011, a second workshop was held on the Spier Estate outside Stellenbosch near Cape Town. The evaluation of the first workshop resulted in the workshop being extended by one day in order to give the students more time in their Protocol Development Groups. Practical sessions on statistical methods were also added to the programme.

There were more applications than we could accommodate. Twenty protocols were chosen, based on protocol submissions, from thirty-four applications. Fourteen delegates came from the African countries of Kenya, The Gambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana and Uganda; the remaining six were from South African institutions.

After a joint introductory lecture by the conveners, Professor Robert J Wilkinson from CIDRI at UCT and Dr Lori Dodd from the NIH in the United States, Professor Danny Altmann gave an informative presentation on the Wellcome Trust Overseas activities. (CIDRI was established through a Strategic award from the Wellcome Trust). This was followed by a presentation by Dr Lesley Henley on The Ethics in Medical Research in Africa. All the delegates then proceeded to a social function.

The following 4 days were filled with intensive work on developing the students’ protocols, often extending informally into the evening. We were fortunate that the following faculty generously gave their time and expertise and attended the full workshop, presenting didactic lectures and working on a one-to-one level with the students. The faculty were all experienced researchers with either strong clinical or statistical backgrounds:

Professor Robert J Wilkinson Convener/Clinician CIDRI, UCT and Imperial College, London
Dr Lori Dodd  Convener/Statistician NIAID at the NIH in the United States
Dr Michael Proschan Statistician NIAID at the NIH in the United States
Professor Howard Clark Paediatrician Child Health, University of Southampton in the United Kingdom
Dr Adrian Martineau Clinician-Scientist Barts and the London Medical School, UK
Dr Laura Via Scientist NIAID at the NIH in the United States
Dr Carl Lombard Statistician Biostatistics Unit, MRC, Cape Town, South Africa
Dr Anneke Grobler Statistician CAPRISA, University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Professor Graeme Meintjes Clinician CIDRI, UCT
Professor Mark Nicol Clinician-Scientist Medical Microbiology at UCT
Dr Armin Deffur Clinician CIDRI and SACORE, UCT
Dr Maia Lesosky Statistician Dept of Medicine at UCT
Dr Hassan Mahomed Clinician South African TB Vaccine Initiative, UCT
Dr Agnes Kiragga Statistician Infectious Diseases Institute, Kampala in Uganda
Dr Soyeon Ahn Statistician Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea

The faculty members were ably assisted by Rene Goliath, Derval Reidy and Kathryn Wood from CIDRI at UCT.

The success of the workshop is summarised by the following comments received from both the student and faculty group:

“Excellent course. Thank you! Group work really valuable”

“Thank you all so very much!! Intense, but awesome workshop”

“A great course, very intensive, the presence of statisticians and statistical support is a big plus”

“This was a very worthwhile exercise. I myself benefited from it, and I saw that the students made big leaps forward in many cases.”


Dr Armin Deffur, Dr Soyeon Ahn and
Dr Mamadou Kaba in background

GC11 Presentation by Dr Carl Lombard
GC11Students and Faculty
CRMWStudents from Malawi




Grand Challenges of Latent TB
GC11 Final Meeting
Open Day 25th February 2012

The international GC11 collaborators held their final meeting in Cape Town at the Monkey Valley Resort in Noordhoek from 24th to 26th February 2012.

This presented a unique opportunity for local Cape Town TB researchers to attend presentations and discuss issues with these experts on Latent TB at the open day held on Saturday 25th February 2012.

In collaboration with the conveners from the United Kingdom, Professor Douglas Young, Professor Brian Robertson and Ms Anne-Marie Fish, Professor Robert J Wilkinson and Ms Kathryn Wood from CIDRI at UCT organized the one-day meeting at the IDM at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town.

Presentations were given by:

Professor Chris Dye Director of Health Information at WHO
Dr Helen Ayles Zambart Project in Zambia
Professor Robert J Wilkinson CIDRI Director at UCT (GC11)
Professor Gerhard Walzl CBTBR at University of Stellenbosch
Professor JoAnne Flynn University of Pittsburgh (GC11)
Professor David Sherman Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (GC11)
Professor Dirk Schnappinger Weill Cornell Medical College (GC11)
Professor Thomas Dick National University of Singapore (GC11)
Professor Willem Hanekom CIDRI Co-Director at UCT
Professor Clif Barry III Chief TBRS at NIAID, NIH (GC11)
Dr Ken Duncan Deputy Director, Global Health Discovery, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

This highly regarded meeting was well attended, with delegates filling the Wolfson Pavilion Lecture Theatre in the IDM.

GC11Ronnett Seldon, Wendy Burgers, Tolu Oni
GC11Clif Barry III and Ken Duncan
GC11 Willem Hanekom, JoAnne Flynn, Gilla Kaplan and Cheryl Day
GC11Robert J Wilkinson, Stewart Cole and Valerie Mizrahi
GC11Peter Donald and Jelle Thole
GC11 Stephen Lawn and Chris Dye