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Appointment of CIDRI Deputy Director

Willem Hanekom

The Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Initiative is pleased to announce that Associate Professor Willem Hanekom has been appointed as the Deputy Director of the Initiative.

Professor Hanekom is also the Co-director of the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative and we look forward to the insights and direction he will bring to the Initiative.



All CIDRI awards finalized

Please note that all awards resulting from this funding project have been finalized
and we are not able to consider any further applications.

The following awards were made from September 2009 to July 2010:

  • 10  Post Graduate Scholarships
  • 13  Post Doctoral Fellowships
  • 1  Visitor’s award (North to South)
  • 2  Research Officer’s awards
  • 1  Other award

Fighting the monster

Co-infection with HIV and tuberculosis is a potent combination.
Amy Maxmen investigates the impact of this deadly duo.
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Three new WT fellowships

Three candidates who will work in the IDM have recently been successful in personal applications to the Wellcome Trust and will augment the critical mass the IDM and its associated Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Initiative (www.cidri.uct.ac.za) seeks to create.

Dr Wendy Burgers has been awarded an Intermediate Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine to continue her ground-breaking research on immunity to HIV-1 infection with the sponsorship of Professor Carolyn Williamson.

Dr Hanif Esmail was awarded a Research Training Fellowship in Clinical Science that will investigate How inactive is inactive tuberculosis, using a combination of positron emission tomography and high resolution CT scanning?’ under the sponsorship and supervision of Professor Douglas Young (NIMR, UK), Clifton Barry III (NIH, Bethesda) and Robert J Wilkinson (UCT).

Shepherd Nhamoyebonde has been awarded a Master’s Fellowship to research ‘Vitamin D and HIV associated tuberculosis in South Africa’ under the sponsorship and supervision of Dr Adrian Martineau (NIMR, UK), Katalin A Wilkinson and Robert J Wilkinson.

Details of these Fellowship schemes can we found at www.wellcome.ac.uk. Candidates interested in competing for such awards are encouraged to contact Kathryn Wood (Kathryn.Wood@uct.ac.za) at CIDRI for advice on eligibility, budgeting, application style and process. CIDRI also provides research entry support to facilitate applications directly to the Wellcome Trust. In 2009 seven CIDRI research entry awards with an average value of approximately R700000 were made and a similar number of awards will be made in 2010.